Michigan Enjoyer is Michigan media for those who relish the beauty of life here and are tired of apologizing for it. An antidote to the boring, biased, and out-of-touch local media, we’re here to breathe vitality back into a state that used to overflow with it. You “problematic” Michiganders too busy building to be depressed and offendedyou’re our driving force.

Our stories prioritize beauty, success, and health in Michigan. We believe in both nature and industry, and that true freedom relies on both. We’re local-first and actually mean it. We’re not embarrassed to be Midwestern and don’t trust those who want us to be. We’re skeptical toward a mainstream media that demands compliance. Most of all, we’re curious. Curious about our state, curious about our future, and curious about you.

That means we do the work on the ground to get the real stories that matter to our 10 million Michigan neighbors. We trust our own eyes over “the experts.” Any time you’re reading an Enjoyer story, you can be sure it’s coming from the personal experience or the individual analysis of an actual human being. 

“The media” need not squash our humanity. It can be a force for good, if it genuinely seeks to inform, inspire, and explain what’s happening around us. Doing this well makes strong citizens. At its best, it brings us closer and makes us more fully alive. It’s your Michigan. Don’t be afraid to enjoy it.

Michigan Enjoyer. It’s a Beautiful Day.

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