After the huge success and popularity of the first retail kiosk in Glendale Galleria shopping mall, we began franchising our stores in 2017. Due to the overwhelming demand for our vegan bars, there are now over 4 operating locations and more are coming soon…

Our advantages


Fresh ingredients, non- dairy, no GMO’s , gluten free, fast service

Acceptable price

It makes easier for clients to come up with a choice

Popular shopping centers

Great opportunity to get into the busiest malls

Clean brand

Related with health and happiness


  • Small investments for a big goals.
  • Simple way of doing business using Enjoyer’s business model.
  • Expanding brand: for many people Enjoyer has already become an integral part of their lives. It becomes even stronger with each open vegan gelato store.

We will help to open your best business


Will offer you huge list of possible location all around USA.
Or will help you to find your own place around the world.

Lawyer support

We will undertake negotiations and provide legal assistance to achieve more better conditions when concluding a lease agreement.


Our designers will create absolutely unique kiosk or store for you.


HR team will build the best crew for your business.


You will be provided with all reliable suppliers not only for ingredients but also for all necessary equipment.


We will provide regular marketing support to continuously attract clients.