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Our product is made with real fruits, different kind of nuts and coconut. Free of GMOs, Gluten and Dairy.

What makes the “Enjoyer” restaurants so famous and popular is the variety of available flavors you might have as a fast dessert. 

Using only premium quality ingredients, our bars are freshly ground on a daily basis. We offer a choice of fruit’s flavors which include: strawberry, mango, blackberry, watermelon, black currant, kiwi, passion fruit and more other…


At our production we got rid of all possible types of fat, but at the same time trying to keep the quality and the taste on a high level. The use of nuts and coconut let us produce gelato bars with a low calories rate.

Our office works hard in order to find the best locations and partners all around USA. And you can except Enjoyer to be opened in Miami, Florida and Las Vegas, Nevada really soon.

  • All you need to do is to feel out a brief form on “catering” page and our event manger will contact you in a few minutes!

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