who are we?

Enjoyer is a lifestyle. We are a group of like-minded people who take pride in being part of the process of creating delicious, high-quality vegan desserts.

Once in 2015, we decided that Los Angeles needed a company that would allow people to indulge themselves with sweets that are good for your body.

So Enjoyer appeared. Each of us just wants to find healthy and natural desserts. Sweets that will not only lift your spirits, but also preserve our balance of nutrients in the body.

ice cream
ice cream

Goodies that will not break your diet, which will not make an extra hour of work out. Our products guarantee you a charge of positive emotions from fresh and natural ingredients that we have chosen especially for you!

The body will say thank you! Find your personal variety of pleasure among our various flavors.. No GMO, gluten or harmful substances!

no lactose no bad products no gmo no sugar